Gallóglaigh: Ragnarök

Texas black metal act, Gallóglaigh, deliver Luaith, their second full length album, after Sparth from earlier in 2022. Obviously, very productive since the project's inception in 2021, Gallóglaigh offer their own interpretation of traditional black metal while incorporating some contemporary elements in a subtle and imaginative way.

The new album Luaith, which means 'ashes' in Old Irish, features musicians and sounds from different places of the world, coming together as an amalgamation of annihilating instrumentals, Khargyraa/Khoomei singing, as well as resolute and potent vocals.

Gallóglaigh provide a kind of intrinsic, guttural black metal which underlines the bleakness of cruelty and contempt, while staying relatively true to the genre's established conventions and making the most of their dark craft. It's a fantastic revival of an art form that consistently finds ways to advance thanks to exciting acts like this.

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