Takomaha: Takomaha

Oslo band Takomaha emerge with their dynamic take on noise rock as presented in their new, eponymous  six-song release.  Featuring members from acts like Tremoro Tarantura, Solstorm and Yokii, the band's album was recorded and mixed by Milton von Krogh (Pirate Love, Ă…rabrot++), and mastered by Nick Terry (Libertines, Serena-Maneesh, Kvelertak).

With a crisp sound and a performing mindset that radiates frantic energy, Takomaha's first fully realized offering doesn't let up on any instance, instead it keeps delivering, building its levels of intensity with each track, resulting in a pretty direct and in-your-face listening experience.

Single releases, Lonestar and An Introvert's Guide to Success are pure energy, providing memorable riffage together with the overall frenzy that typifies the band's compositional direction and execution. Hatechants is a raw punk rocker full of grit, and another indication of the band's artful amplitude, while the rest of the EP's entirety, including the atmospherics of two-minute piece, Thrash Hands, is marked by a sense of chaotic punchiness which doesn't leave the listener the chance to stop for a breath.

Thematically, the self-titled album is saturated with angst, and on the whole it generates a rather grim and forceful perspective into the dark times in which we currently exist.

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