Soft Set: Still Life

After a couple of excellent single releases, Toronto duo, Soft Set, unveil the entirety of their new album, Still Life, together with the release of the title track as the record's third single.

"Like our debut EP, Still Life provides the listener with stories of youth and nostalgia and that longing to be loved," says Soft Set's Nathan Athay. "We feel that our music caters to all audiences and we hope everyone enjoys the songs as much as we had fun making them!"

With several tracks taking more easy going pop routes and others foraying into heavier post punk and shoegaze sounds, Still Life is a stimulating listen on many levels, and is composed of tracks that, aside from the three already successful ones, could easily stand out as singles.

Still Life is a wonderful and quite indicative title track for the album, as well as a perfect balance of the band's musical sides, standing out for its melodiousness, instrumental lushness, and vocal excellence, all of which define the entire album.

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