She Lies: Everything

She Lies are a dark-hued new wave act based in Berlin Germany, with a sound which blends elements from synthpop, darkwave, new wave, post punk and krautrock in a pretty imaginative and impacting manner. The band's new EP, the three-song release, Everything, is a great showcase of their direct songwriting and dark aesthetic.

She Lies is made up of Anni, on vocals and guitar, along with her childhood friend ele, on synthesizers and samplers, and Michel, who is also a member of the band Rework and runs the label exlove.

Strong production with synth-based instrumentals and easy going vocals are the cornerstones of the artistry of She Lies, whose experimental proclivity is constantly on display in their songs. Everything, the title piece of their new EP, is no exception. It's a lively track that, among other synthpop staples, draws inspiration from Depeche Mode and New Order. 

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