LULL: Your Time

LULL are a heavy emo rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, conceived within the North East UK hardcore scene, and citing influence from artists such as Citizen, Basement, Title Fight, Koyo, Anxious, FiddleHead and Drug Church. LULL have a visceral and heavy sound, and their latest single, Your Time, is the ultimate example of their style's emotionalism. 

"Lyrically this song is about when friends become foes and moving on is best," the band explain. Full of energy, Your Time is a tuneful track with a post hardcore base and a guitar-driven, alternative rock character. 

Your Time is LULL's second single since the release of their debut EP in 2021, with the band continuing to refine their craft and sound, after having shared stages with artists such as Nothing and Glitterer.

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