Jochen Arbeit and Sonja Kosche: Trauma

Trauma is a digital release by Jochen Arbeit, guitarist for the great Einstürzende Neubauten, and Sonja Kosche, a twelve-minute piece of immersive ambiance, part of the three-track album, Tier Macht Töne, out through Dymaxion Groove Records.

The duo's material was created using bars, strings and custom-built instruments by Hypercustom Guitar's Yuri Landman. Tier Macht Töne translates to Animal Makes Sounds, and it was created during time in isolation in the artist's house in Berlin.

Trauma evokes a disparity of calmness, loneliness, and agitation in a bizarre yet compelling outcome, with the duo applying the experimental art of looping and enhancing the sound with additional textures, noises, and percussion. It's a venturous and whimsical twelve-minute ride which makes great use of its expansiveness.

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