Intent: Primal Instinct

For a heavy dose of forceful and dynamic trash metal, Intent emerge from Mesa, Arizona with the new album, Exile, messing with the genre's tropes and bringing forth an enlivening take on it, with fantastic production and a lot of overarching vibrancy.

Intent's thrash metal is mostly made up of mid tempo compositions, great use of shred guitar, and agitated vocals, all coming with a melodic edge. Notably strengthening their songwriting and overall sound compared to their 2018 debut, Vox Populi, Intent sound more belligerent, compact, and fully fledged as a band, coming up with addictive riffs that evoke thrash classics.

Primal Instinct and the album's title track are both excellent examples of Intent's forceful attack and dense thrash sound, and parts of an album which sounds pretty packed and arresting as a whole.

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