HØRD: Fires

Hørd, the French synth solo project of producer Sebastien Carl, returns with a new full length two years after his previous album, Bodies. Carl has collaborated with first rate underground artists such as Hante, Winter Severity Index, and Radical G, remixed Clan Of Xymox, and performed live in most European countries. Hørd released their debut album on Giallo Disco in 2016, followed by two full length releases on Avant! Records. The project's upcoming fourth album, Sciences, will be out October 21st, 2022, again on Avant! Records.

Aspects of electronic body music, shoegaze, and techno are represented in the foreboding soundscapes created by an instrumental richness of arctic pads and ethereal reverbs, paired with irascible lyrics. At the same time Sciences also contains propulsive and engaging lead singles, with the memorable, Fires, being an outstanding presentation of Hørd's new material.

The new album was mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer Maurizio Baggio, and its overall technical crispness helps to heighten the music's genre merging characteristics.

Photo courtesy of Avant! Records

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