Close In: Night Vision

Melbourne, Australia four-piece, Close In, prepare for the new, extended release of their 2021 EP, Everything I Remember, enhanced with a couple of additional songs. Night Vision, the band's new single, finds them at their darkest and most marked, showcasing the darkwave inclinations of their post punk framework.

Close In explain: "Night Vision is experimental territory for Close In, playing with more electronic and more pop elements than we have before, and is the last song we wrote around the time of our EP (Everything I Remember). It’s been through a bunch of different iterations – building on awkward acoustic beginnings to become the dark, post-punk, pop song that it is now. 

"The lyrics were written many years ago on a long night walk – they ask whether it's possible to see things from another, more optimistic perspective."

Everything I Remember (Extended Edition) comes out on September 29th, 2022 through Honeyglider Records.

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