Darkswoon: Year of the Rat

Portland post punks, Darkswoon, follow their debut album, Bind, from 2019, with their excellent new full length, Bloom Decay, released on Icy Cold Records. Year of the Rat is the newest single which arrives coinciding with the album's release, and pairs to an engaging video filmed by the band, and and directed by Ion Wray Media.

A solid option for a single, Year of the Rat showcases Darkswoon at their classiest and most approachable, flirting with the more airy, dreampop side of their distinctive fusion of post punk, darkwave, and shoegaze sounds.

As a whole, Bloom Decay is a grabbing record in which the band examines their prospects in a very creative way, sometimes sounding more approachable and easy to take in, and other times playing around with more radical ideas and embracing the underground of their core.

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