Vision Video: Death in a Hallway

A third installment from the new Vision Video album emerges, along with a powerful message and a video shot in an abandoned hospital in the band's hometown of Georgia. Death In A Hallway reflects on the unnecessary loss of life during the pandemic as a result of misinformation and poor leadership.

Dusty Gannon, Vision Video songwriter and guitarist, explains: "I wrote this song at the peak of the Omicron wave of Covid. It was a really bitterly cold winter and at my day job as an Atlanta Fire Department EMT, we were inundated with transporting severe Covid patients to the hospital. I was intensely frustrated, because despite the preponderance of scientific evidence of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy, an overwhelming majority of those critical patients were unvaccinated."

Death In A Hallway is part of Vision Video's impeding second full length, Haunted Hours, which will be out on October 11th, 2022. The band have also announced a fall US tour in support of their new work.

Vision Video are Dusty Gannon (vocals, guitar), Emily Fredock (keys, vocals) Dan Geller of synthpop act I am the World Trade Center (bass), and Jason Fusco of punks Shehehe (drums). Tom Ashton of The March Violets who produced the band's first full length, Inked In Red, has also helmed the production of Haunted Hours.

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