TVSEXDEATH: Missy Hagen Hates You

TVSEXDEATH is a Nashville, Tennessee-based alternative rock band whose sound is firmly grounded in an uneasy noise rock foundation, and features influences from new wave, post punk and hardcore among other styles. 

Missy Hagen Hates You is a creatively wild track with hectic rage, gritty and piercing hardcore vigor, dirty sounds, and a great deal of distortion and fuzz. It's a smart work which passes as something visceral at the same time, and its emotionality and neuroticism are very obvious.

The band describe their new single: "Despite the intense and aggressive vibe of the song, it is actually all tongue in cheek and poking fun at how serious some people take themselves and the title references a fictional character. It was a lot of fun to draw out the 'anguished' vocals near the end knowing some might take it as serious as it sounds and others might understand the undertones of sarcasm."

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