Pink Turns Blue: Not Gonna Take It

In accordance with the headstrong mindset usually found in the band's themes, as well as the somber post punk that's entrenched in their core, Not Gonna Take It, is the newest offering from veterans, Pink Turns Blue, arriving coupled to a really fine video.

Not Gonna Take It is the first single from the group's TAINTED Tour-2022 EP, which will be released on September 2nd, 2022, the start date of the tour.

"This is a song about standing up for oneself and for a better world," says the band's own Mic Jogwer . "Yes, the powerful, the bullies and the rich have many resources to get their way and claim that wrong is right. And yes, we all have our moments where we feel helpless and depressed because there doesn’t seem any way out of this cunning system of lies, propaganda, lobbying and influence. But every now and then, we just get fed up and decide we are not going to take it anymore. We find ways to break free, organize and fight for the things that are worth fighting for. Right now, it seems very difficult, at times impossible, na├»ve and all too idealistic. But if we give up fighting, we give up living. It is an uphill battle, but our defiance and our courage keep us going."

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