Hickeys: Helicóptero

Helicóptero is the fourth and last single by Spanish post punk quartet, Hickeys, arriving before the release of their anticipated first album, Fragile Structure. The album will be out in its entirety on September 16th, 2022.

The new track delves into continually shifting rhythms, with tension opposing tranquillity until complete chaos is achieved. In the song's essence lie intimidating instrumentals and a vocal which transmits a sour and dreary existence, resulting in something tense and cathartic.

Hickeys comment: "When we thought of this song we just wanted it to sound broken. The deepest cracks open up as soon as Helicóptero begins. We wanted to cut, to trim, to quarter, to disturb. With this song, the derangement gushes without being contained and the waves of madness overflow without hesitation to culminate rushing towards nothingness. The fear of sinking, of emptiness, of confronting uncertainty. May this song disturb you.

"We dream that this song will give you epilepsy."

Regarded for their good eye for visuals, Hickeys pair the new single with cover art of a different angle of the previously exhibited sculpture by Andrea Muniáin, photographed by Álvaro Pereña and completed with the design by Martina G. Compairé, which has formerly accompanied the band's prior releases. Regarding the accompanying video, the clip's director, Diego (@tiradorstudio), is noted for having a style more comparable to the electronic sector than post punk, yet, the artist's experimental methods combine nicely with Hickeys' music.

The band describe: "We heard about Diego because he had worked with other bands like Dharmacide and we thought he would be perfect to provide the song with a unique visual universe. Without a doubt, he has managed to give the song a visual dimension that enhances and completes it."

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