Get The Shot: Divination of Doom

Merciless Destruction, Quebec City's Get The Shot's upcoming fourth album is set for release on October 7th, 2022 via New Damage Records, and the new single Divination of Doom, expresses the forceful band's exploration of extreme sounds, wrapped up in immaculate production and showcasing a blood-boiling performance from the band.

A merger of many aspects of straightforward heavy rock with hardcore, thrash and death metal, Divination of Doom comes equipped with exciting beatdown grooves and embraces the numerous musical styles that structure the band's sound. The music video is mostly comprised of live footage from their most recent tour across Quebec.

Get The Shot state: "This song is a primal anthem for the disillusioned youth trapped in a society built on oppression and injustice. German philosopher Theodor Adorno once asked if it was possible to live a good life in a bad life. To this, we answer from a pessimistic point of view; in this hopeless world, it's violence day everyday. So to this permanent state of war we have no choice but to oppose total resistance, even though we know death is the only way out of this mess."

Band photo courtesy of Auteur Research

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