dayaway: summer's end

Continuing in the same path of lush, summery indie dreampop, NYC-based band, dayaway, release the final single and accompanying visual. summer’s end is no stranger to the band's beachy and balmy sounds.

The band describe the new song and video: “summer’s end is the final song on the EP, and it’s essentially a goodbye. It’s about finding peace with change and being grateful for fleeting moments, even while you’re sad to let them go. The video is meant to capture summer in New York. It’s like a retrospective of summer memories and all the things we love here.

On the entirety of the EP, the band describe: "This project started as a sort of accident. I was sitting on the beach on a late summer day in 2018 when I felt compelled to start writing these summertime love songs. They came to me so quickly and all at once. These are vignettes of love and loss from my imagination and my life. They’re meant to capture the feelings of summertime, from the hot blue euphoria to the hazy golden sadness. On one level, they're simple love songs, but there's also something a little deeper about growing up and saying goodbye."

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