YEARNS: Blurry Image of an Island

Andrew Foley of An Heirloom and Grids/Units/Planes and Joel Saunders of Spirit Bunny and A Country Practice are the creators behind Yearns, an ambient/atmospheric project with an immersive sound. Outside of Yearns, the artists have appeared on releases on Room 40 and hellosquare Records, collaborating with artists such as Erik Griswold (Clocked Out), Andrew Tuttle, and Shoeb Ahmad.

Blurry Image of an Island is the first single from Yearns' self-titled EP, due out in July on False Peak Records. It follows their debut ON//AS and continues their subtle sonic experiments involving an interesting instrumental profile based on circuit-bent Casio keyboards, modular software systems, and tape loops.

The EP includes a stereogram booklet, similar to 'magic eye puzzles' from the nineties. Each track on the release is matched to a tessellated stereogram picture, as the listener is prompted to give attention to the ambient sounds and focus on each abstract pattern until a 3D image emerges from the haze.

Blurry Image of an Island sets forth the project's foggy, ethereal approach, as well as their well crafted sound, which borders on post rock while being strongly entrenched in atmospheric ambiance via a creative, cinematic perspective.

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