Wilt and Oceans: Amour

New single Amour by Wilt (UK) and Oceans (AU) is part of the collaborative project between the two bands, co-written via a shoegaze forum where they decided to join up to make a shoegaze record over the covid-19 lockdowns. The six-song release finds the two acts coming together in absolute harmony, and balances seamlessly between post rock expansion and shoegaze impressibility.

Amour comes with a delicate, nostalgic French pop flair and possesses all the attributes of an explosive, expansive, and dynamic post rock-rooted shoegazer. The song recalls the period of the time it was composed when everyone was feeling isolated, and it emphasizes the need for connection.

The Wilt EP is full of sounds and sentiments like those found in Amour, and it's out through Shelflife Records.

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