The Cleopatras: We Don't Play Like Men

Founded in 1998, Italian rockers, The Cleopatras deliver their straightforward take on punk, garage rock, surf, pop punk, indie rock and new wave, without ever overcomplicating their craft. The band's new album, Bikini Grill, is out through Ammonia Records, Tufo Rock Records and Professional Punkers, and it's an exemplification of the band's direct rock 'n' roll.

Bikini Grill is the fourth album by the all-female outfit, and it emphasizes the band's incredibly robust punk rock attitude. We Don't Play Like Men showcases not only their unconventional and radical temperament, but also their franker and grittier punk rock side, with the psychedelic garage rock properties in full play.

An experience act at their craft, The Cleopatras appear to be having immense fun and expressing themselves honestly while practicing what they do best as musicians.

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