D//E Premiere: Flogging A Dead One Horse Town: Steve

Kiwi post punk duo Flogging A Dead One Horse Town haven't been been reticent about releasing EPs. Some Bastards, the band's 14th EP, is one of two planned for 2022 through Muzai Records.

EP 14 marks a return to the band's more traditional post punk beginnings rather than the bizarre, experimental noise of their newer offerings, and was recorded once again by Dave and Tim in a wool shed-turned-home studio in the murkier regions of New Zealand.

New single, Steve, is a fine balance between noise rock edge and post punk restiveness, finding the band in a fully creative for. It also represents the arrival of a third member to Flogging A Dead One Horse Town throughout these recording sessions, Mitch Shannon, the offspring of Dave, who provided guitar to the four tracks to give them a jagged post punk sound, and designed the release's artwork.

EP 14 – Some Bastards will be out in its entirety on August 19th 2022.

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