Death Hags: Visions of Thomas

Lost in the Triangle d'Or is the official soundtrack for the impending novel Bad Eminence by novelist, screenwriter, and musician James Greer, coming out on And Other Stories on July 5th, 2022. The music is composed by Lola G. aka DEATH HAGS, and it presents a fully atmospheric sound, comfortably slanting toward a moodier style in the vein of seventies Brian Eno, the new age excursions of Tangerine Dream and the krautrock individualism of Cluster.

The French pop passages in the music appear to be in keeping with the prolific composer's background, and therefore they come across quite organically incorporated in an all-around genre-fusing blend.

Visions of Thomas is an ambient tune and one of the more solemn moments on the nine-song album, which delights and excites on several levels.

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