Walg: Zielenleed

WALG (which translates to "disgust") is a Black metal band formed during the 2021 pandemic. Having lost contact for a few years, composer Robert Koning and vocalist Yorick Keijzer reconnected after being inspired by specific life circumstances to bring their vision for WALG to full realization.

WALG are motivated by humanity's ignorance and vileness, and  published their acclaimed self-titled debut album in only three months. The band's sound is a majestic and dramatic twist on modern black metal, reminiscent of the theatrics and darkness of bands like Old Man's Child and Dimmu Borgir.

Zielenleed, the first single and music video from the forthcoming album III, is an immersive, cinematic, and all-around nightmarish video which fits the intensity and grandeur of the music.

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