Chat Pile: Why

Why is the newest single from God's Country, the anticipated album by Oklahoma band, Chat Pile, arriving in its entirety on July 29th, 2022 through The Flenser. Why connects with its nihilistic and dramatic irony as a poignant work and a slap in the face of modern society's pretense.

Vocalist Raygun Busch explains: “In OKC, there are huge crosses and statues of Jesus and enormous churches everywhere and yet the teachings of Christ cannot be found implemented anywhere. This is true for much of America and probably the world. Why? I hate seeing suffering; don’t you? Why should I live in a house while someone else lives under a bridge? Why do people have to live outside? Wickedness, all around us. Real horror."

Chat Pile bassist Stin adds: "Why contains a sample of the infamous Oklahoma tornado siren, which aside from going off regularly during the busy spring storm season, is tested every Saturday at noon in Oklahoma City. One particular Saturday, all four members of the band recorded the siren independently in different locations. We synched the recordings together and placed it in the song to help add a sense of place and also drive home the impending doom we all feel. We hope it makes your stomach knot up with anxiety the way it does ours."  

Busch concludes: "Most people get to hear the tornado siren from the safety of shelter, but others do not.  At any rate, having a literal alarm sound felt very apropos to the material.

Photo by Bayley Hanes

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