Social Union: Fall Into Me

From New Zealand, Vanilla Martin (Ngti Uenuku) and Luke Penrose make up the darkwave/synthpop/post punk duo Social Union, who release their music on Blackjack Illuminist Records. The band's upcoming EP, Fall Into Me, will be out on July 6th, 2022.

The title track, a brooding and propulsive piece, strikes a superb balance between its somber subject matter and its instrumental vitality, always with a dark undercurrent.

Vanilla comments on the song's origin and theme: "Social Union’s debut single, Fall into Me was composed by myself, as a gift for Luke. Although I had never known Luke prior to his sobriety, when Luke shared his path to sobriety with me and really put all his cards out on the table - it was such an act of vulnerability and courage for him in my eyes. I wanted to acknowledge the work that he had done and the sense of responsibility that Luke had to do what he needed to do every day to keep himself sober, whilst also acknowledging that we were both powerless over the disease of alcoholism. I want to write a song that would reassure Luke in knowing that if he were to relapse that I wouldn’t run. We are both human, and are two thoroughly imperfect people doing our best to grow ourselves beside each other, whilst supporting each other as best we can along the way. I wanted to lyricise that. I wanted to record that reminder."

Regarding the creative process, Luke adds: "As for the recording process I actually built the song of the main guitar motif. I had this idea in mind that I wanted to create a sound with the image of driving a car at night, alone in a city that was foreign to you. Once the music was finished I then recorded Vanilla's vocals in our living while our country was in lockdown due to Covid. This added some much needed creative levity in uncertain times."

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