Dwell: Consider Me Blind

With an easily appealing, sharply produced and all around melancholic sound which fringes at the most approachable borders of post punk and shoegaze, Bristol, UK band, Dwell, emerge and deliver their melancholic new single, Consider Me Blind.

The band's creative approach is focused on refining their delicate, somber post punk, which mixes experimental competence with poetic sophistication.

Dwell describe: "Consider Me Blind's sonic landscape is one that is deep and looming yet non threatening. It is a comforting embrace for those that are resigned to be at peace with the difficult world they find themselves in

"Musically, it exhibits our attitude towards creating songs using experimental playing and processing techniques that don't end up inaccessible. Melody, hooks and rhythm still take pride of place."

Dwell are composed of Toby Ijbema, George Thornton, Louis Cherniavsky, Jake Purdy and Emma Coulston.

Band photo by @clarasperspective

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