Sickbay: Fueled By Hatred

Sickbay emerged from the Hudson Valley New York metal scene in 2000, and they are a fresh and vibrant death metal band, coming with a seamless infusion of hardcore into their NYDM backbone.

The band's newly released Brutal Existence EP continues what Sickbay has been building in their three decade-spanning path, adding more intensity and aggression to their remarkable blend, culminating in a sound that pulls on both the truisms of traditional death metal and modernized hardcore.

Fueled By Hatred is a standout number off the EP, reminiscent of the hardcore intensity of Hatebreed, amplified by ageless extreme death metal values.

SICKBAY are Tom Peluso (bass, vocals), Jim Sinon (guitars) and Joe Merando (drums). Brutal Existence is out through Redefining Darkness Records.

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