Girls in Synthesis: Enveloped

Always intense, and very consistent with their offerings, London trio Girls In Synthesis have established themselves as a staple in contemporary underground post punk, and each of their new tracks demonstrates the band's bold directions and musical innovation.

Enveloped, the band's new single, is part of their five-song release, Konsumrausch, and it comes with a video by Lucy Foster.

Enveloped is a striking cut that demonstrates the band's electro punk propensity, striking like their most audacious piece yet. The track is built around on an industrial-based drum machine beat, and includes gritty organ sounds instead of the customary guitars.

The lyrics, which present a first person view of one associating their personal lack of self-confidence and worth with an anticipated vision of the same occurring to the human species as a whole, echo the music's grim atmosphere.

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