Fragrance.: Salt Water (Live Session 2022)

Following the release of a very well made sophomore full length, Matthieu Roche's Fragrance. project returns with a 36-minute live session of tracks from Salt Water, his newest album. Salt Water -live was shot by French director BenoĆ®t Aubert at Ateliers de Bitche, an underground artistic space managed by Nantes artists.

Seen on venues all around Europe with bands like Molly Nilsson, Hante., and Linea Aspera, it was essential for Fragrance. to offer his current album to his audience all over the world in a live setting.

The outcome is as atmospheric and sharp-sounding as the studio record, with Matthieu delighting in the ethereality of his own craftmanship, boosting the luminance of his melancholic synthpop in a beautiful, full of atmosphere studio setting.

Even in a totally different order, the Salt Water tracks have proven to be a coherent and well-composed whole, as Fragrance.'s live act entices on several levels.

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