dayaway: desert island

dayaway, featuring members from Brooklyn synthpop band CLAVVS, come forth with the balmy indie dreampop cut, desert island. The fresh outfit's third single came with the announcement of their forthcoming self-titled debut EP, expected out on August 3rd, 2022.

Speaking on their brand new single, the band comment: "desert island is a cheeky song about avoiding your problems. I really loved the imagery of swimming to a desert island to get away from your ex. We filmed the video at Coney Island and directed and edited it ourselves, like all of our videos. Capturing the vibe of the music is really important to us, and the visual element is a big reason why we make music in the first place. This one is about escapism and having fun on your own. We were inspired by the mythos of Coney Island, and it’s a playful nod at the title."

With a psychedelic twist on dreampop, dayaway express their discernible influences from the nineties and 2000s, citing Rilo Kiley, Beach House, and Washed Out as influences.

On the entirety of the upcoming EP the band comment: "This project started as a sort of accident. I was sitting on the beach on a late summer day in 2018 when I felt compelled to start writing these summertime love songs. They came to me so quickly and all at once. These are vignettes of love and loss from my imagination and my life. They’re meant to capture the feelings of summertime, from the hot blue euphoria to the hazy golden sadness. On one level, they're simple love songs, but there's also something a little deeper about growing up and saying goodbye."

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