Wilt and Oceans: Blank Field

British newcomers Wilt join forces with Melbourne shoegaze band Oceans, and deliver a collaborative self-titled EP, brought into existence through online collaboration, although the two sides never met in person during its creation. The Wilt EP comes out on July 1st, 2022 on Shelflife Records, and Blank Field is the ultra atmospheric, heavy dreampop number which introduces it.

Alex Sharpe, Tom Smithrosser, and Nathan Mcleish make up Wilt, while the husband and wife duo Tom and Mayzie Lee (also one half of the dreampop duo VHS Dream) comprise the core of Oceans whose vocal harmonies and aptitude for melody blend flawlessly with Wilt's evocative instrumentals.

Oceans describe the new track: "Blank Field took form in July 2021, starting off with the beautiful instrumental track recorded by Wilt. Almost immediately we felt that it would be well suited to a more unique duet style arrangement. 

"We wanted to create a narrative that captured the feeling of relentless space between humans in eternal lockdowns, and the human desire for physical interaction. The Rose of Jericho is a flower that can survive long periods of drought by drying, curling into a ball but resurrects entirely when it is finally watered. We thought this was a nice analogy, giving a little hope to cut through the isolation and loneliness that we were all feeling during that second pandemic winter."

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