The Toxic Avenger: 87,6%

Carbone Toxique is an imaginary soundtrack for the acclaimed Mathieu Bablet's blockbuster comic, Carbone et Silicium, produced by Parisian producer The Toxic Avenger, and released by Enchanté Records.

The closing piece, 87,6%, arrives with somber and dreamy washes, and an altogether moody and ethereal atmosphere, reflecting the gravity of the comic's conclusion in synthwave and new age tones, and well crafted, heavy production.

The Toxic Avenger comments on the new EP: "I worked on this record as I would have worked on an Original Film Strip, as Mathieu Bablet's Comic Strip is so cinematic. The heroes travel, so I tried to make the listener of this soundtrack travel. I composed the soundtrack for this adventure by transcribing as best I could Mathieu's desires, and his vision of things. A vision, I believe, is both disembodied and ultimately teeming with life."

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