MFMB: The Hippy Shake (To Earn Your Love)

With an odd covers mentality, much like Devo covering Satisfaction or The Flying Lizards giving an extremely bizarre take on Barrett Strong's Money (That's What I Want), MFMB enrich their notable return with a song inspired by the classic Hippy Hippy Shake, but the end product is something completely original, and stands very far from being a direct cover.

The band explain: "The title is inspired by Hippy Hippy Shake, originally written by Chan Romero, later covered by many different artists during the 1960’s – The Beatles being one of them. The original is about dancing: 'I can’t stand still / with the hippy hippy shakes / Ooh, get my thrills now / with the hippy hippy shake'. Our song, on the other hand, is about anxiety. 'I’m trying my best / not to shake / the hippy hippy shake / I’m trying my best / not to let / my head eat me up'. It’s about feeling unworthy of love. It’s about the demons that prevent you from being the person you want to be."

Sugar, MFMB's first album after a decade-long hiatus, is out through Adrian Recordings.

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