Mamalarky: You Know I Know

Atlanta's Mamalarky are back with new song, You Know I Know, which comes with a pretty video starring the group's dependable tour van. It finds the band crafting a more palatable psychedelic indie rock sound with nineties-era elements and clever arrangements.

Singer and guitarist Livvy Bennett describes the new single: "The song is about growing up in Texas and having really overwhelming dreams of playing music and takin' it on the road. Having those dreams come to fruition recently has been exciting and has further grounded me in appreciating how much Texas, and Austin specifically, gave us the proper nutrients to do what we're doing now.

"It's also a bit about, ya know, death and impermanence. Having all your accomplishments and high notes framed by mortality is a good way to make sure you're taking it all in."

You Know I Know is out through Fire Talk.

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