The Loud Bangs: Doomsday Catalyst

New LA-based band, The Loud Bangs, emerge with Doomsday Catalyst, part of their new EP, Introducing The Loud Bangs. The song is an experimental shoegaze number, coming with a visual directed by LA-based avant-garde filmmaker Jill GG.

The song comes across as an eclectic mix of obscure psychedelia and shoegaze with an abstract and exploratory approach, with minimalist lyrics about suicide thoughts and anxiousness.

"Who needs lyrics to convey emotion?" The Loud Bangs remark. "We can’t understand the words of My Bloody Valentine, or Cocteau Twins, or Sigur Ros, and we still get what they’re singing about. Honestly, we’re no good at lyrics. So who cares?"

Produced by Darren Callahan, the band is composed of the twin guitars of Alice Street and Daisy Gutierrez, together with bassist Hannah Remley, and session drummer Marcus Nemuro.

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