Sungaze: New Twang

Cincinnati-based act, Sungaze, bring their commendable blend of dreampop and Americana to full consummation yet again. Not long after the release of their recent album, This Dream, the band have just released their new standalone single, New Twang, a nostalgic cut with a somber premise. 

Sungaze's Ivory Snow offers insight: "This song was inspired by my cousin, who truly was more like a sister, who took her life in 2017 at the age of 23. The single art is a photo her mother took of her and her older sister in a field near our childhood homes.

"I wanted to craft a song that felt like her essence in a way, so I drew inspiration from our childhood, which was filled with classic country and folk music, cowboy movies and horseback riding (and for her, horse shows).

"To me, the instrumental portions of the song sound the way it felt to be alive at that point in time--the slide guitar at the opening reminds me of the feeling of standing on the hills between our homes, grass blowing in the strong spring winds of the Ohio river valley. The synth line reminds me of the summer days we spent running through the fields near her house, sunlight glinting off the tall grass dancing in the breeze; we were breathless, warm, and fully alive with the world at our fingertips and nothing but endless possibility ahead. Ian's guitar solo at the end reminds me of the balance of hope and joy, sorrow and regret, and the beauty found in the space between the two. This is where her memory lives within me. Her name was Katrina, and New Twang will be released on her birthday, April 9."

The main creative core of Sungaze is the husband and wife duo of Ian Hilvert and Ivory Snow.

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