Kate Clover: Daisy Cutter

Los Angeles rocker, Kate Clover  has revealed the newest single off her upcoming debut album, Bleed Your Heart Out which will be out on April 22nd, 2022 through SongVest Records / SVR). 

Kate's fondness for traditional rock 'n' roll energy and straightforward, memorable songwriting shines through on the rowdy punk rocker that is Daisy Cutter. The single is accompanied by a music video made by Nicole Lipp, which features Kate and her band owning the beautifully lit stage.

Kate comments on the new single: "Daisy Cutter is the first love song I ever wrote. It was sonically influenced by The Buzzcocks, Ramones and Pub rock. I wrote it while falling in love and wanted it to reflect the adrenaline rush of that feeling and how your heart feels like an exploding grenade. To me, there's no greater feeling."

Kate continues describing her impending debut full length: "Bleed Your Heart Out is inspired by the glitz and grime of classic LA punk. Bands such as X, The Gun Club and The Germs, spiked with a power-pop punch of the Buzzcocks. Lyrically inspired by Nick Cave and X’s transgressive and poetic approach to songwriting and the wit and musical cadence of Hunter S. Thompson. Thematically, it explores the intricacies of government conspiracies, self-discovery, love, hate and self-preservation. It’s a rallying shout to would be believers."

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