Held By Trees: Wave Upon Wave / The New Earth

Held By Trees reconnects seven veterans of Talk Talk's iconic albums Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock, as well as Mark Hollis' solo album. The band's all around heady sound fits between classic progressive rock and contemporary post rock, usually coming in in lengthy compositions which are embellished with improvisation.

Solace is the project's latest full length, a rich and atmospheric album which exhibits the band's virtuosity and reveals the range and depth of their songwriting prowess.

Standout track, Wave Upon Wave, is essentially the sound of waves crashing on a Dorset beach, sent to a few musicians who were instructed to improvise in the key of C# without being able to listen to what each other had done. All segments were then returned and combined together to create this beautiful, calm homage to the sea. 

The New Earth, on the other hand, is a display of a more improvisational manner with jazzier overtones and a lengthier approach which concludes the album on a serene and satisfying note.

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