Young Prisms: Outside Air

San Francisco shoegazers Young Prisms release the fourth single from their anticipated album, Drifter, set to be released on March 25th, 2022 on Fire Talk. It's the band's first full length in almost ten years.

The gazey and airy Outside Air is accompanied by an atmospheric black and white video made by Gio Betteo and starring vocalist Stefanie Hodapp. It follows the video for Honeydew from earlier this year, which was also directed by Betteo and starred Hodapp.

Speaking on the video, Betteo comments: "The Outside Air video is intended to be the second installment of a series we started with Honeydew. Really an ode to Antonioni and Monica Vitti. Definitely leaning into the mystery and minimalism of the story telling style and how something so simple on the surface can offer so much complexity beneath."

Betteo and Hodapp explain in a joint statement: "Outside Air is about the struggles and difficulties in modern marriage, monogamy, and parenting at a young age. Resentment within a relationship can sink so deep and feel never ending but the work it takes can pull you out of a depression. At times it may feel like the only way out is to run away, but the payoff can sometimes save you from making irreversible decisions. This song was recorded during the California wildfires where the orange sky embodied these feelings of fear, anger, and disappointment."

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