THYMIAN: Iron Lung

Not long after the release of the very good debut full length, Rhythm of Doubt, darkwave musician THYMIAN comes forth with a new three-song EP composed of covers of some of his favorite tracks which have inspired the artist in his own path so far.

Myosotis by Blanche Biau, Iron Lung by Black Marble and Changes by Antonio Williams and Kerry McCoy are treated by THYMIAN with respect and affection, and take new life through the vibrant interpretations which exist on the fresh EP.

"Iron Lung is one of three songs that are Landmarks in my experience as a music lover," THYMIAN explains. "I listened to each of these songs on repeat for a long time, in some cases for years actually. They inspired my own music and worked as a sonic gateway drug that brought me to where I am now. I fell in love with the atmospheres these artists created with their tunes – they cheer me up, make me dance and let me cry. I tried to stick to the original sound in order to do justice to the artists and spent hours patching on my synthesizer and trying out different settings and sonic landscapes on guitars and bass. To build a bridge between their and my musical style I added additional vocal and instrumental harmonies."

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