D//E Premiere: Keener Family: Honest

Keener Family come forth with a very warm sound, drawing from contemporary and traditional country, psychedelia and dark-tinged alternative rock. Following on from a string of engaging EP and single releases, the band unveil their new double single, Honest.

With a shimmering, shoegaze-bent flair, Honest emerges as a work of remarkable glow and reflection, centered on rich instrumentals and genuine vocal performances from the band's core, Christopher and Aubrey Ann.

Honest was co-produced and mixed by Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus, Bestial Mouths) and mastered by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, Nine Inch Nails), and its sonic accuracy and expertise appear quite perceptible throughout the song's riveting five-minute length, during which it builds plenty of emotive cogency. It's a beautiful track which balances subtlety with depth in an intuitive way.

Band photo by Keener Family


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