Whimsical: Rewind

Having reformed in 2015 after their initial 1999-2005 run, shoegazers Whimsical prepare for the release of their fourth album, Melt, which arrives on April 1st, 2022 through Shelflife Records. Rewind, the album's opening number, makes the band's more upbeat and buoyant side perfectly clear.

Rewind was an unrealized song idea that was initially slated to be the B-side of the band's Gravity seven-inch from last year, but they finally opted to include it in their anticipated next full length, as it came out totally characteristic of the creative aim Whimsical work towards.

"The lyrics are inspired by the desire to turn back the hands of time and rewind to a place when times were better and start over again with a fresh start," the band reveal.

Rewind comes with an appropriately dreamlike and colorful visual by Andy Jossi.

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