Chopper: Living Alone

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Chopper is the dark and bizarre solo project of Jonatan K. Magnussen (The Love Coffin), self-described with the term 'shock pop'. Chopper takes cues from a wide range of different genres, from eurodance to glam rock, experimental industrial sounds and disco pop to bring forth something both artful and fun.

Also drawing from the imagery and aesthetics of old horror, Chopper hits like a showy jumble from the start, yet, the project's compelling and distinctive musicianship goes beyond the intense, dramatic tones to ultimately leave a memorable aftertaste.

Off the just released, The Wonderful and Wicked World of Chopper, focus track, Living Alone, impacts with its fragility, its danceable qualities and Magnussen's delivery, which may be considerably over the top, but also seriously expressive and individualistic.

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