Sooner: Thursday

Brooklyn-based band, Sooner, offers a crisp and well-crafted sound with a dreampop and shoegaze core, influenced by post punk and other alternative forms. Days and Nights, the band's debut album, is set to be released in March 2022 through Good Eye Records, and lead single Thursday demonstrates a lot of their compositional acumen.

Thursday hits as a colorful and poignant tune through its layered dynamics, with vocalist Federica Tassano's delicate yet confident voice in a commanding role.

The band describe: "Every once in a while a song seems to write itself, and the verse/chorus parts of Thursday just flowed naturally one night without any stumbling or revisions. Like a lot of themes in our music around contrast (i.e. Days and Nights), the lyrics are pretty different from the feel of the song –centered on a complicated and abusive relationship."

Sooner has been delivering their immersive rendition of dreampop through EP releases since 2016, and at this point they appear primed, with their first full length giving an early impression of a keen listen, confronting deeper subjects and presenting them via an accessible and palatable sound.

Sooner are Federica Tassano (vocals), John Farris (guitar), Andrew Possehl (bass) and Tom Wolfson (drums).

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