Disassembler: Impossible Color

Under the new project, Disassembler, co-founder of This Will Destroy You, Christopher Royal King collaborates with violinist and composer Christopher Tignor. The debut full length, A Wave From a Shore, will be released through Western Vinyl on March 11th, 2022, and the quite expansive and venturous album closer, Impossible Color, is the latest piece surfaced from it.

"Impossible Color reaches deep into minimalist roots," Tignor describes the new track. "It begins in a bright, swirling universe with metaphysical aspirations ala Terry Riley and (my one time boss) La Monte Young. It's soon joined by layered string pulses that admit to those early Reichian spells under which so many of us began our compositional careers. Precise orchestral string harmonies join, lush yet sparse, building patiently toward a harmonic singularity arriving like the sky at night. A rapid constellation of pizzicato and glockenspiels pattern the sky. Their patterned grooves send signals deep into the body. A rapture, a finale."

The combination of Tignor's violin marks and King's rich atmospheric background gives the new song a special elegance, whilst the two aspects merge to give off a feel of total astonishment and optimism, especially as the track moves toward its (and the entire album's) alluring culmination.

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