Sisyphean: Sovereigns of Livid Hope

The extremely atmospheric black metal sound of Lithuanian band Sisyphean, whose approach to the genre seems both recognizable and contemporary, contains a lot of sorrow, nihilistic despair, and gloomy intensity. Sovereigns of Livid Hope is the band's second single off their planned second album Colours of Faith, which is due out in March 2022.

The band comment on the new single: "The song reflects on our coming into this mortal plain and being the heirs to float in the reality created by our fathers, forefathers and past, as the general metaphor. The past being a power we cannot influence and the present being the truth we have to endure. In the cycle of life and death, we will be the next in line to inherit the earth and thus being the ones deciding to either sunder or preserve it for the next generations to come."

Sovereigns of Livid Hope pairs to a dark, nearly abstract video created by EglÄ— Saka.

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