Idol of Fear: Cheirotonia

Canada's Idol Of Fear provide an intense merger of death metal, gothic, black metal and atmospherics which results in an extreme, heavy sound of the darkest and most unnerving kind. 

Cheirotonia is the first piece unveiled off the band's upcoming album, Tresspasser, which will be out on March 11th, 2022 through Somnolence Productions. It's a slow burning nightmare which opens with a hair-raising ecclesiastical chant and gradually progresses into a piece of horror properties, with poetic lyrics and chillingly evocative instrumentals.

The band explain: "Opening with a chant from Pavel Chesnokov’s Let My Prayer Arise, Cheirotonia was largely inspired by our own process of drawing upon the heavy darkness that continually creeps in the periphery of our lives outside the band. In that sense, it is perhaps one of the more introspective/personal songs on a largely cryptic album. Musically it flows like the river Styx, gliding as a spectre, with winding tragic melodies that seek to haunt, and strong driving rhythms that propel its bitter delivery."

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