Monochrome: Far Away Sea

Monochrome were a team of four college students from New York City who had a relatively small impact in the local shoegaze scene during their initial run in the early nineties. Their underappreciated albums are being released, presenting an experimental shoegaze sound which is relatively similar to that of acts like Ride and Slowdive, and also points toward the more atmospheric aspect of 4AD's repertoire.

Monochrome's music has gotten a fraction of the attention it deserves, with no major releases or exposure to larger audiences, and it fits somewhere between shoegaze, early post rock and slowcore, and lo-fi, coming with a somber, crisp and reverberating feel.

Far Away Sea is a track off Monochrome's full length, When The Moon Was Full. The song leans toward the band's lucider lo-fi facet, appearing with gentle vocal approach and very tuneful as a whole.

The album, together with the band's eponymous four-track EP, as well as a radio cut of their single Into The Night, are available on their newly launched Bandcamp, where a fresh listenership may uncover a rare forgotten beauty.

Monochrome were Erik Laroi, Elaine Ahn, Patrick Milan Hsieh and Francisco Alberto Wong.

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