Yndling: Like Love is Real

Dreampop project, Yndling, is the brainchild of Norwegian artist Silje Espevik. Yndling’s self-titled debut EP has just been released through Kerry On The Cake, and it conveys a surreal feel centered on throbbing synths and exquisite atmospherics, with the songwriting being notably introspective and heartfelt, hinging on quiet vocals and a gloomy mood.

Yndling is a project created in the times of Covid, and cites inspiration from bands such as Beach House, Tops, Crumb, Hatchie, and Mazzy Star. 

The artist comments on the new EP: “To sum all the tracks up, I’d say it’s about how differently people can perceive things, even the same experiences, and the EP really sums up many of the feelings I’ve had as I’ve tried to understand my own needs and separate them from the needs and expectations of the people around me.” 

Lead track, Like Love is Real, is one of the most distinctive and approachable examples of the artist's songwriting. 

She comments that for her it is important to “throw away the fear of being too honest or maybe telling a truth that’s not recognized by everyone else and that may feel a little too close for comfort.

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