Data Animal: Future Primitive

With an enthralling sound that drifts between techno rock, kosmische musik, punk and noise rock, Auckland/Berlin outfit, Data Animal have left a strong impression releasing their recent singles Bad MF and Death Racer. The band will put out their debut album, Future Primitive, on March 18th 2022 through Dedstrange, and the eponymous single and closing number exhibits even more of their ingenuity.

The video, which was shot during an ongoing lockdown in New Zealand's largest suburb (Avondale, Auckland City), comes as a depiction of the darkness, the uncertainty and the paranoia of an extensive confinement, paired with current times' imminent world disaster. 

Fittingly titled, Future Primitive is the soundtrack of an undetermined, digitally anxious and gloomy future with both technological and primeval aspects.

Future Primitive was mastered by Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers).

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