Verena Hentschel: Transformation

Verena Hentschel is an unconventional electronic composer and visual artist from Köln, Germany. Hentschel composes, produces and mixes her experimental tracks, and she pairs her music to videos created based on her paintings. 

Transformation is the artist's latest full length, a nine-song collection with an experimental atmosphere that moves clear from traditional song patterns and musical formality. Transformation uses field recordings as its foundation and reorients rhythmic and repetitive parts with ambient soundscapes to create a fully fascinating and immersive listen.

Drifting and Fiddly, a highlight piece, is all granular and frenetic, coming from the noisier side of the album, yet at the same time it's a an esoteric and difficult to pin down track, much like Transformation as a whole. Just before the full length's conclusion, its penultimate piece, Break Out, comes with its broken beats, emphatic bass and well-arranged noises to form an almost mesmeric work of eccentricity that draws from the full meridian of Verena Hentschel's multidimensional craft.

Verena Hentschel Website | Vimeo

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